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Water damage from a roof leak is serious enough, it may inflict thousands of dollars worth of damages, leading to the formation of mildew, and even requiring the residents of the structure to relocate. If the problem is not treated soon, even a little leak may cause significant structural damage over time.

So don’t wait if you spot a roof leak in your house and trust All American Restoration for water damage restoration after a roof leak. We have the best restoration service crew to provide reliable services for the residents living in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and other Idaho cities throughout our service area. Contact us today at 208-754-5565 or contact us online to get a free estimate.

How to Spot Roof Leak?

signs of roof ceilling water damage

Spotting a leak can help to go for restoration as fast as possible. Here is how you can spot roof leaks-

  • Musty smell: A warning sign for the owner of a house is the presence of a foul odor within the structure. If there is a strong musty stench, it may be a sign that water has penetrated the roof membrane, which is the first step in the formation of mold.
  • Growth of mold: In order to thrive, mold or mildew needs three things: an environment with the appropriate temperature, a food supply such as wood, drywall, or ceiling tiles, and moisture. If you see mold beginning to form in wall cracks, under light fixtures, or even on the floor along baseboards, the source of moisture may be a leaky roof. Mold may grow everywhere there is moisture. Because mold may be harmful to people living in a structure, it is essential to not only stop the leak by doing maintenance on the roof but also to remove the mold as soon as it is discovered.

Believe in Us for Effective Water Damage Restoration Services

All American Restoration will help you to recover when facing any water damage restoration services such as appliance failure, burst & frozen pipe, etc in American Falls, Blackfoot, and other regions throughout our service area. So don't wait and call us today at 208-754-5565 or contact us online if you face roof leak damage in your house.

Reviews from Our Clients

“All American Cleaning and Restoration has taken care of floods and leaks for us for the past 30 + years. Each time has been great! Two tricky leaks were particularly difficult to find and repair. Fletch returned until the problem was solved and everything restored perfectly. My wife and I could not be happier with the service and concern both in Idaho Falls and Island Park. They took care of us and took care of our problems---it just doesn't get any better.”

“All American performed some mold remediation and restoration in a basement room of my home. They were very responsive and timely, Fletch was professional from initial inspection to completion of the work, all crew members took the time to complete their work well, and the result was great! I would highly recommend All American Cleaning & Restoration.”

“As a former employee I feel confident in saying that All American Cleaning and Restoration is the best in town. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaning or disaster restoration they are the ones to call. Everyone is incredibly skilled and trained. Very professional and friendly employees. I will be a lifelong customer. That should mean something coming from someone that doesn't work there (anymore)”

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