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Toilet Overflow Cleanup in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello

If you're dealing with a toilet overflow and need cleanup assistance from an expert, immediately contact All American Restoration. Our IICRC- and RIA-certified crews can help with the water damage and flood damage at your home or office in Idaho FallsIonaRexburg, and other Idaho cities within our service area.

In case you want to appoint us for a water damage restoration job, call us at 208-754-5565 for any emergency or click the link to book services as soon as possible.

What are The Consequences of Toilet Overflow?

flood caused the toilet to overflow
  • Water damage: The immediate consequence of a toilet overflow is water damage to the surrounding area. This can include the bathroom floor, walls, and any nearby items or belongings.
  • Property damage: The water from a toilet overflow can damage the bathroom and other areas of your home or property if it seeps through floors or walls. It can damage ceilings below the bathroom if the overflow occurs on an upper floor. 
  • Health hazards: If the overflow is caused by sewage backup or contaminated water, it can pose health hazards. The water may contain bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause illnesses if you come into contact with them.
  • Odor and sanitation issues: A toilet overflow can create unpleasant odors and sanitation issues in your home.
  • Plumbing system problems: Toilet overflows can be an indication of an underlying plumbing issue. It could be a clog in the drainpipe, a malfunctioning toilet float valve, or a problem with the sewer line.

Choose Us for Toilet Overflow Cleanup Service

For so many years, All American Restoration has been the go-to company throughout Southeast Idaho, so let us handle your toilet overflow issues and provide you with the best cleanup service. To schedule our appointment, contact us or call us at 208-754-5565 for further details.

Reviews from Our Clients

“All American Cleaning and Restoration has taken care of floods and leaks for us for the past 30 + years. Each time has been great! Two tricky leaks were particularly difficult to find and repair. Fletch returned until the problem was solved and everything restored perfectly. My wife and I could not be happier with the service and concern both in Idaho Falls and Island Park. They took care of us and took care of our problems---it just doesn't get any better.”

“All American performed some mold remediation and restoration in a basement room of my home. They were very responsive and timely, Fletch was professional from initial inspection to completion of the work, all crew members took the time to complete their work well, and the result was great! I would highly recommend All American Cleaning & Restoration.”

“As a former employee I feel confident in saying that All American Cleaning and Restoration is the best in town. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaning or disaster restoration they are the ones to call. Everyone is incredibly skilled and trained. Very professional and friendly employees. I will be a lifelong customer. That should mean something coming from someone that doesn't work there (anymore)”

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