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Appliance Leak Cleanup in Idaho Falls

It is important to do routine inspections for any mechanical or maintenance issues on home appliances that filter or store water continuously. If you let a slow leak or drop go undetected, it could eventually lead to flooding and water damage to appliances, as well as concealed mold damage in the affected area.

Contact All American Restoration as soon as there is any indication that an appliance has leaked, flooded, or failed. If you need help and you're located in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Iona, or Rexburg, one of our service technicians will be on their way to you as soon as possible. You can call us also at 208-754-5565 to get other water damage restoration services.

Water heater leak

The Most Common Appliances to Leak

Certain appliances in your home or place of business are more prone to leaks, which can raise the possibility of flooding. The appliances that are most likely to leak are listed below.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
Washing machine leak

What to Do When Your appliances Leak?

Appliance leaks might result in water damage if the issue is not fixed right away. The following are some of the things you should do straight away to reduce the damage caused by the scenario if you think one or more of your appliances may be leaking:

  • Shut off the water main.
  • Cut off the appliance's power supply.
  • Dry the area right away.
  • Hire professionals to manage your water connections and appliances.

Choose All American Restoration for Advanced Appliance Leak Cleanup Today!

For water emergencies like cleaning and drying after an appliance leak, All American Restoration offers a 24/7 emergency service. We'll analyze your water damage, choose the best course of action, and start drying to get ready for the restoration procedure. Call us at 208-754-5565 to get our services.

Reviews from Our Clients

“All American Cleaning and Restoration has taken care of floods and leaks for us for the past 30 + years. Each time has been great! Two tricky leaks were particularly difficult to find and repair. Fletch returned until the problem was solved and everything restored perfectly. My wife and I could not be happier with the service and concern both in Idaho Falls and Island Park. They took care of us and took care of our problems---it just doesn't get any better.”

“All American performed some mold remediation and restoration in a basement room of my home. They were very responsive and timely, Fletch was professional from initial inspection to completion of the work, all crew members took the time to complete their work well, and the result was great! I would highly recommend All American Cleaning & Restoration.”

“As a former employee I feel confident in saying that All American Cleaning and Restoration is the best in town. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaning or disaster restoration they are the ones to call. Everyone is incredibly skilled and trained. Very professional and friendly employees. I will be a lifelong customer. That should mean something coming from someone that doesn't work there (anymore)”

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