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Smoke Deodorization in Idaho Falls

The aftermath of fire can be overwhelming which leaves behind not only physical damage but also severe smoke damage. Even after the smoke has been eliminated from the affected area, it can leave a strong and unpleasant odor. This can make it difficult to live or work in the damaged space. But fortunately, smoke deodorization services can help you out! It can help eliminate smoke odors and residues from your property.

All American Restoration offers the best deodorization service in the areas of Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Iona, Blackfoot, Newdale, and its nearby regions. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that the smoke odor is eliminated completely, leaving your property smelling fresh and clean. Our team of experts is trained and certified to handle all types of fire damage, no matter how severe. Make a call to us at 208-754-5565. You can also visit this link to get more information online.

Why Do You Need Smoke Deodorization?

Fire and soot damaged cabinet

There are several reasons why you may need a deodorization service after a fire or smoke-related event in your home or business:

  • Smoke odor removal: Smoke odors can linger for days, weeks, or even months after a fire, and can be difficult to remove without professional help. Smoke deodorization services use specialized equipment and techniques to identify the source of the smoke odor and eliminate it completely.
  • Health risks: Smoke damage can pose health risks to people and pets, particularly for those with respiratory issues or allergies. Smoke deodorization services can help remove harmful smoke particles and residues from carpets, walls, and other surfaces, improving indoor air quality and reducing health risks.
  • Property damage: Smoke damage can cause significant damage to your property, including discoloration, corrosion, and other types of damage. Smoke deodorization services can help prevent further damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Call All American Restoration to Get The Smoke Smell Out of Your Home!

Don't let the lingering smell of smoke ruin your home or business. All American Restoration is a professional smoke deodorization service provider, providing smoke odor removal service, along with smoke damage restoration, board-up, smoke & soot restoration, duct system smoke removal, and more. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assess the damage, develop a customized plan, and eliminate smoke odors and residues from your property. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we can restore your property. Contact us now at 208-754-5565 to schedule an appointment!

Reviews from Our Clients

“All American Cleaning and Restoration has taken care of floods and leaks for us for the past 30 + years. Each time has been great! Two tricky leaks were particularly difficult to find and repair. Fletch returned until the problem was solved and everything restored perfectly. My wife and I could not be happier with the service and concern both in Idaho Falls and Island Park. They took care of us and took care of our problems---it just doesn't get any better.”

“All American performed some mold remediation and restoration in a basement room of my home. They were very responsive and timely, Fletch was professional from initial inspection to completion of the work, all crew members took the time to complete their work well, and the result was great! I would highly recommend All American Cleaning & Restoration.”

“As a former employee I feel confident in saying that All American Cleaning and Restoration is the best in town. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaning or disaster restoration they are the ones to call. Everyone is incredibly skilled and trained. Very professional and friendly employees. I will be a lifelong customer. That should mean something coming from someone that doesn't work there (anymore)”

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